How to Make a Mobile Site Click to Call Link

A “click to call” button or link on a mobile or smartphone website can mean the difference between getting a customer to call or losing them forever. Converting customers with mobile sites is a different discipline from converting customers on desktop websites: mobile website visitors are unlikely to read long sales copy, are similarly unlikely to send an email, and are certainly not going to fill out a lengthy web form. In the mobile environment, a phone call is your best route to conversion–after all, your visitors have the phone in their hand!


Coding the Click to Call Link for Mobile Phones

To create a click to call link, use the following code:

<a href="tel:8005551212">800-555-1212</a>

“Selling” the Click

Now, let’s improve our click to call link. After all, all we’ve done with the above link is make the phone number clickable; will users know that the phone number is a click to call link? We can “sell” the click by adding a call to action to our link:

<a href="tel:8005551212">Click HERE to Call: 800-555-1212</a>

That’s an improvement, it serves to highlight the link and directs users with a call to action.


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